Packaging: Minimal Yet Thoughtful

Halima and I are lucky, we are best friends who started a small business together making products that we love. Fortunately we were on the same page when it came to figuring out how we wanted to package and ship our creations. From the get-go we knew we wanted to avoid excessive use of packaging materials and look for alternatives to plastics as much as possible, but we did not want to compromise on the aesthetics or attention we give each customer.


We love creating and making our soaps and lip balms so much and we want our packaging to reflect that as well. That is why just like the ingredients we choose with intention, we do the same with the packaging, from the simple Kraft paper we use for cigar band labels around the soaps to the handwritten and wax sealed note card we include in each order. We are happy to handwrite personal notes at the customers request for gift orders.


We pack each order with as little fill as we can get away with so the receiver has very little to throw away and it is our hope that whatever is not kept is recycled by the customer. We realize the importance of a pretty package and we want our customers to feel the appreciation we have for them and that is why we take our time packaging each order with kindness and intention.